The Associated Press Style is the official writing style used by newspapers and journalists. As a student who grew up with MLA Style and the standard rules of English grammar and style, it can be at times very frustrating to adapt to AP Style.

For instance, I was formerly taught when abbreviating the names of the united states, you use the postal codes (ex: Connecticut = CT). However, the AP Style's rules for state abbreviation is all over the map. AP Style has its own unique abbreviations for the states (ex: Connecticut = Conn.), except for: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas, and Utah which are never abbreviated. Memorizing which states are not abbreviating, let alone the individual abbreviations is extremely difficult.

I appreciate the AP Stylebook for being extensive and in-depth, yet since the style itself is so specific and unrelentingly unyielding, I find myself glued to book whenever writing or editing a story. Looking up every other word or phrase can make for a bothersome and slow process of publishing.



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