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BY MAX FREESEMarijuana was a constant theme Nov. 4 at the Magisterial District court in Brownsville.

Five individuals that morning were at court all because of marijuana related charges.

Bronson Waite, from Erie, Pa., was charged with manufacturing and intent to deliver Schedule 1 drugs. Schedule 1 drugs include cocaine and marijuana.

Cory Humphreys was charged with possession of marijuana.

Cody Sowers was charged with possession of marijuana and use of a controlled substance.

Andrew Panzera was also charged with possession of marijuana.

Humphreys, Soweres, and Panzera were all Cal U students. Both of their cases were dismissed because the officer who originally filed the charges, failed to show up.

In regard to marijuana laws, Judge Joshua Kanalis called them a “pain in the ass.” The judge explained these laws only waste the court’s time and are frustrating the Justice Department. 

Monica Fullem, of Fredericktown, was charged with possession and manufacturing, of marijuana. She waived her case to the Washington County Court of Common Pleas.

Fullem, according the deputy who filed the charges, said she was growing marijuana to help with her arthritis.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph Caroll was also not fond of the marijuana laws. At one point, Caroll was struggling to find the right words to describe marijuana laws.

“What’s the technical term? Chicken s---t.”


If careless, one can easily zoom pass the little trailer that sits alongside Route 40 in Brownsville.

That small trailer actually serves as the courthouse for Washington County’s Magisterial District Courts. The courtroom holds barely 10 seats for the audience and the two tables are mismatched. Boxes and boxes and stacked high and uneven all around. The assistant  district attorney swears under his breath as he tries to find the right paper under the pile sprawled across the table.

It is nothing like any courtroom you have seen on “Law and Order” or “Judge Judy.” The judge constantly is moving from his seat back to his private quarters. In one instance, after he fined a person for stealing from Dollar General, he ran out of the courtroom and said, “By the way, you’re banned from Dollar General.”



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