I, for one, greatly appreciate the concept of the Associated Press Style. Journalism is an international platform that crosses many different cultures and styles. With so many different kinds of writers and newspapers, there needs to be a standard. Overall, AP Style tries to emulate the basic tenants of journalism. When you write a news article, your style has to be simple and easy to understand. This is an overall theme of AP Style. Complicated words and phrases and situations have all been settled thanks to AP Style. However, AP Style is not without it's flaws. A lot of the capitalization, abbreviation, and punctuation rules  are complex and filled to the brim with exceptions. Almost every word or phrase has it's unique rule to AP Style, so trying to remember a blanket rule for the style is nearly impossible. This leads to constantly referring to the style book, which can get tiresome. But I'm fine with checking back and forth between book, as long as it means a standard style for writing journalism.  


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