For the final project in Journalism III, I was on the web design team. Since I was working with a website/blog, I didn't really have to be too concerned with length or trimming. However, I did come across some problems with photos and artwork. Sometimes photos would be handed in to me and they would be of poor quality. I would have to resort to Photoshop, which is a pain to use. Photoshop is a great tool, but it can be really tricky if you don't know how to properly use it. Also, some stories came without photos or artwork. It was then up to me to try and find an appropriate photo or artwork for the story. Some advice to all future writers: PLEASE have a picture and PLEASE have the picture sourced. This saves a lot of time and pain for you editor. The majority of the stories I was given to edit were done by my peers, so they were pretty much well-written. Only a couple of AP and grammar/style usage edits were needed. 

Out of every journalism class I've taken at Cal U, Journalism III was my favorite. Journalism I was really tough because in addition to first learning about the craft, I had to come up with an article every week. Multimedia Journalism was also frustrating because of all the different technology I had to try and use. Journalism II and Newspaper Reporting I were fun because of all the different kinds of stories I got to write (feature, profile, court, etc.) But Journalism III I liked the most. In Journalism III, I got to really understand what makes a good story and a bad story. When editing, I feel like I'm helping the writer. And by this point I felt like I had finally gotten a decent grasp of AP Style. However, editing is extremely subjective. Sure, there are basic grammar/usage and AP rules, but a lot of it is up in the air. So it comes down to you or your group of fellows editors. Which can lead to much argument and debate. But I sort of like talking and debating about the different stories we were editing. It was a fun challenge. 


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