Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Tony Norman spoke last week at California University of Pennsylvania. He read and discussed some of his columns, and then opened the floor for questions. Eventually the discussion ended up at Rocco the police dog. Rocco was a police dog that was stabbed in the line of duty, and later died of his injuries. Norman found it incredulous that the most read stories this year in the Post-Gazette were about the death of this dog. Norman commented that this caused a huge spike in dog and pet stories in the paper. I find the whole situation kind of humorous. Norman is a pretty provocative guy, and their were some huge stories last year such as the Boston bombings, but the most read and talked about articles were about a dog. I think it just shows what Pittsburghers deem close to their hearts. They love their pets, so the story probably hit very close to home. Also it was a police dog. A few years back (2009), the biggest story in town was when 3 Pittsburgh officers were killed in a stand-off in Stanton Heights.  



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